Photography Services


Photography Services

I can take digital photographs of the churches where your ancestors married, baptised their children, and were buried. Also monumental inscriptions on tombstones or the entire family plot and graveyard or cemetery view. You might like photographs of your ancestors' homes (where they survive), street, village or town where the family lived - any picture of genealogical value to you. Photographic illustrations of the places where your ancestors lived can really help to bring your family history alive and provide a fascinating link between your ancestors and the present.

The areas I cover are Co Sligo, Co Leitrim and north Co Roscommon.

You provide me with the specific details of where you want me to go and what you want me to photograph and I will go to that location and take as many photos as you specify. They can be e-mailed to you, printed as 6x4 inches (or larger) and posted anywhere in the world, or they can be transferred on to a DVD and posted to you.

Please note that I cannot always guarantee results as many of the gravestones in old graveyards are either lying flat or are in such a bad state of repair that you can't make out any of the text that is written on them - but I will try my best!!

For a FREE assessement, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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