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Irish Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates/Photocopies

I provide a friendly and reasonably priced Irish Birth, Marriage and Death Certificate ordering service.

Births, Marriages and Deaths have been registered in Ireland since 1864 (non-Catholic marriages since 1845). Certificates/Photocopies are available from all 32 Counties of Ireland up to 1921 and from what is now the Republic of Ireland from 1921 onwards.

Until 1864, a child's arrival was recorded only by baptism (or christening, according to religious denomination).

Although it became compulsory to register all Irish births with a local registrar, some Irish births were not recorded, particularly in the early years. Some estimates put non-registration as high as 15% in some of the vast rural areas of the west where it might have meant a day's trek (or more) for a new parent to reach a registration office. In other areas, estimates of non-compliance are usually set at 10% for the first fifteen years or so.

Details included on Birth records are: names of both parents (including the mother’s maiden name) & their address and father's occupation.

Details included on Marriage records are: names of the marrying parties, their occupations, their addresses & the names of their fathers & their occupations.

Details included on Death records are: name and age of deceased, address, cause of death & the name of a witness present at time of death.

There are two options: Full Birth Certificate OR Uncertified Photocopy of the entry from the register. They both contain exactly the same information but the uncertified photocopy is purely for genealogical purposes only and cannot be used for passport or citizenship applications etc.


Full Birth,Marriage or Death Certificate with full GRO index reference supplied - €30

Search in the GRO Indexes plus Full Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate - €35

Photocopy of Birth, Marriage, Death entry in the register with full GRO index ref supplied - €10

Search in the GRO Indexes plus Photocopy of Birth, Marriage, Death entry in the register - €15

If you do not have the full GRO Index reference, it is important the information you provide with your Certificate/Photocopy request is as accurate as possible as I cannot view the information on a Certificate/photocopy before purchasing it first. It may be a good idea to ask other family members for information before making your request, I can then search the GRO Index to get the full reference for you. Searches are of reasonable duration only.  Delays at the General Register Office rarely occur but are beyond my control.

I can scan and e-mail the Certificate/Photocopy to you OR post the Certificate/Photocopy to you.  Scanning or postage is included in the fee.


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