Local History Research


Local History Research

There are strong links between genealogy and local history.  We cannot get away from the fact that the individual, family, and community are all connected.  By examining where people resided and worshipped, we can obtain valuable information about the individual and family's role within their society.

I can flesh out the lives led by your ancestors.  Using my experience of local history I can provide you with the context and conditions in which they lived.


I can provide answers to questions such as:


What was it like to be a tenant farmer?

Who cared for a person or family if they were unemployed or too ill to work?

I had a famous ancestor, what can you tell me about him/her? 

What did my ancestors eat, drink, and wear?

What can you tell me about the townland on which they lived? 

How did my ancestors carry out their daily tasks - washing, cooking, collecting water, and heating their home?

What can you tell me about the town/village my ancestors lived in/near? 

Where did they worship and bury their dead?

Did my ancestor's obituary appear in a local newspaper? 

What can you tell me about the church(es) my ancestors worshipped in?

What was an American Wake? 


Plus many more, just ask!

I have an ever-growing library of local history books and sources covering Co. Sligo so please contact me if you have any local history research requirements.



sligogenealogy at outlook dot com

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